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Welcome to the Secondary Content Specified Page Sample

This page will trigger an instance of the application which will display the secondary-content on a specified page, which is this page.

Click here to trigger this Pop-Up instantly.

We have used our About-Us page as the primary (Targeted URL) for this instance and used this page as the 'Specified Page' for the activation / display of the secondary-content block.

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Using a 'Specified Page' for the secondary-content allows you to split the content block between different pages on your website. One Pop-Up instance can be used to supply marketing data to at least two pages. In each case you can also have the 'Additional Feedback' form activated which you can also see being used on this instance.

Every instance or this application which is not a 'Dedicated Feedback' form will have the 'Quick Contact Capture' form and will also display the Quick-Links on the left-hand side. The quick-links can be pulled (harvested) from any page on your website, and our code uses the Homepage by default. When a particular page is used to harvest links the indicated page is used for all 3 tools that search your site for links..

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The application available here at Exit Conversion is unlike any other. In time we will be adding further distributed tools that will enhance our software-service even further. As we have mentioned before, the potential usage for our application is endless. We are even open to invitations from customers with ideas to enhance our systems to better suit their needs.

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