The Bounce Controller

The Bounce Controller

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Support Information

Support Information for Subscription Types

This information is provided only as a guide for the basic level of 'Provided Support' for each varied level of subscription-service provided here at Exit Conversion. These support details should be considered as the final-word and shall override any contradictory information that may be present on any other pages.

Any instances of the word 'We' or 'we' can be considered to represent the Support Staff available for the subscription-services provide by the following domains: and and may include the usage of the Forum pages found within.

At a minimum level we shall provide basic email support to any account holder who has setup and is using an active and validated instance of our Exit-Conversion API application. By 'validated' we mean that it is attempting to be used or be using a valid web domain or host-name which is publicity visible available. No support will be provided in any other case unless a paid support subscription has been purchased or a business level user is attempting to use our application on a closed network via a router which routes internally, in which case this is not a standard intended application of our API. (this circumstance is however potentially possible)

Basic email support can be activated by using the Support-Contact Form which can only be accessed by a validated user who has logged in to his/her account. As is also indicated on the page which contains the form these are the expected response times for support-queries:

  • After submitting your request for support please allow up to 48 hours for a resolution to be returned to your email address for all request made during the following hours (8:00am to 6:00pm Sunday to Thursday) and up to 72 hours for support request made from (6:00pm Thursday to 8:00am Sunday)

Subscribers whom have purchased the optional 'Extended Support' package will receive priority support and can usually expect resolution of support issues within 24 hours.

In consideration of the information detailed above we also have some limitations as to the type of support available for varied levels of subscription. There are currently three (4) different types of accounts (Software Subscriptions) available here at Exit Conversion and here we will list the support variations and limitation that apply for each type of subscription.

Please also consider the following. It is expected that prior to opening a support-ticket via the Support-Form we expect subscribers to first search the Forum, check the FAQ's and read the Support-pages which are available for each Platform for which we have created installation plugins or modules. Support tickets which are opened for a previously determined condition or circumstance will simply be directed to the information which will already have been posted into one of the previously mentioned areas.

  • Free: Limited to basic email support only. Support pertaining to the addition of allowed HTML elements for display within an instance of the API. Allowed data variations are explained on the Installation Data Support page.


  • Private: Limited to basic email support only. Support pertaining to the addition of allowed HTML elements extended to the use of IFrames and other external data for display within an instance of the API. Allowed data variations are explained on the Installation Data Support page.


  • Business: Support is extended to include solving problems using multiple instances of the API within one domain or host-name. Business subscribers may also make requests for new versions of plugins and modules for platforms or systems which are not yet supported, and these requests will be prioritised in order to expedite usage for new business clients as soon as possible. Past experience places new plugin/module coding at around 36 hrs depending on the availability of source code and complexity of the internal code driving the new platform. Whilst we can endeavor to meet these time-frames we can makes no guarantees.


  • Enterprise: Support is extended from the 'business' level to include the solving of problems or difficulties with setting up multiple instances of the API software to run on multiples of domains / host-names.


  • Reseller: Coming Soon! This account type requires specialised Terms and condition and has its own variation on provided support as 'clients' of the resellers may be required to receive support from their reseller.


Extended Subscription: Whilst it is possible for any account holder to purchase the extended-support package it benefits may only prove useful to Business or Enterprise level subscribers.


Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions and Disclaimer pages for more details.

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Terugkaatsen Ordening

Terugkaatsen Ordening

Bounce Rating (also know as Bounce Rate) is a marketing term often used in reference to Internet Marketing with regard to the analysis of Web Traffic. It is generally considered a representation of the percentage of visitors who enter your website and then leave directly from the page on which they landed. However if a visitor continues to another page on your website instead of leaving that represents a lowering of the bounce rate percentage and is known as a click through.

It can also be considered that 'Bounce Rate' is a measurement of the effectiveness of the marketing potential or value of your landing pages and their ability to satisfy the visitors search requirements, as landing pages are generally setup to match search related marketing. Bounce Rate is measured as a proportion of website visitors that end their visit on the page they arrived on. In other words they either close the browser window or they type in an alternative URL/Website to visit.

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Our Exit-Prevention-Software monitors and determines the visitors actions and if it detects that they are about to leave it triggers the 'Exit Conversion Pop Up'. (it is not a classic popup - as they are often/usually blocked by browsers) Our popup is coded as an overlay of the current page and is completely interactive. Depending on the level of subscription you setup the 'Exit Grabber' coded within our API allows you to render specific marketing offers or product specials to the visitor before they leave. It also sets up and creates the ability to capture their contact details before they leave. Depending on how you market your products or services you may choose to offer visitors entry into competitions or draws, both of which can be used to entice the visitor into submitting an email address or mobile phone number.

Our Software can become the first line of defense against a high bounce-rating and also become one of your primary website-marketing tools. By monitoring how visitors engage with the exit-grabbing software, you will be able to make a total analysis your web traffic and adjust your marketing accordingly. If you already have Google-Analytics on your website you will already have an indicator of your current bounce-rating. By adding our software to your websites artillery you should notice a significant drop in bounce rate, and also receive data from the visitors interacting directly with the exit-conversion software. In effect, our system can return some monitoring of bounce rating along with the tracking of user interactions with the software.

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By monitoring the bounce-rate of your landing pages you can determine the effectiveness and or performance of your search-marketing compared to the landing pages content and marketing value. All of this is governed and somewhat controlled by the general structure of your website and the type of activity and or business that your website is attributed with.

More information regarding the specifics, formulas and caveats relating to Bounce-Rating can easily be found by searching Google. Our system is designed to assist you in reducing your bounce rates and to act as an extension to any existing marketing tools that you may already be using. The marketing potential for our software is only limited by your imagination and your ability to create seamless alternative marketing copy for all of your websites pages..

Try It Now - click here to register

Managing your websites bounce rates is only the tip of the iceberg when you truly envisage the full potential of our Subscription Software API. The possibilities go far beyond that of a simple pop-up. Our software can be customised in so many ways it difficult to imagine them all with one short train of though. We can and will meet any businesses special needs and look forward to meeting any bouncy websites challenge.

To join in on a dedicated Bounce Rate and Marketing Forum please visit the Bounce Rating Website.

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Over Ons

Over Uitgang Omvormer Programmatuur

Exit Conversion may been know by many names. Exit Grabber, Exit Controller, Exit Converter, Exit Killer, Exit Stopper, Bounce Stopper, Bounce Killer, Bounce Rate Reduction, Landing Page Extender and the list goes on.

Whatever name you may wish to call and know this Software Service by, the end result is the same. Increased page views for your website, which in turn translates to increased sales and and increased profit for your online business, an increase in consecutive page views and a reduction in your websites overall bounce-rating or bounce-rate.

The application available here is knows as a Software Subscription Service. It works by applying a small amount of code into your websites page/pages usually facilitated by installing the appropriate plugin/module into your web platform. Our Software Service can run on any website - without any limitations. If for some reason your system is not currently supported, its just a matter of letting us know, and we will have our developers create the code required for your type of framework or platform. We can fast-track code production for any genuine requests.

At the time of writing, our code can be applied into the following systems:

  • Stand Alone Webpages
  • Custom Frameworks that use a single entry point
  • Joomla ( Module )
  • Drupal ( Module )
  • Wordpress ( Plugin )
  • OpenCart ( Module )
  • Custom Code can be created on request (in some cases a coding fee may be charged)
  • Installation Assistance ( $50 AUD )

Exit Conversions` software in easy to use, and fully documented, and various levels of support is available according to the type of account you choose to use. Extended support can also be purchased as an extra accessory. Access to our Software System starts at the 'Free' level. Paid subscriptions are based on a calendar monthly and billed monthly via recurring billing.  We also offer yearly access subscriptions and for your convenience we can meet almost any subscription variation on request.

Click Here to Register for our Software Service

This Website is part of the MasterForms Mobile & Web Group © Exit Conversion 2015 All Rights Reserved

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Uitgang Omkering

Welkom bij Uitgang Omkering

Gefeliciteerd! U kunt eindelijk een zucht van Relief. Je hebt net ontdekt de beste tool beschikbaar om uw bounce waardering websites verlagen, en giet augmenter uw online business winstmarge. Doel dat is nog maar het begin ervan. Ons systeem est aussi een marketing tool Krachtig. Onze Business abonnement kunt u elke pagina te richten op uw website met Geïndividualiseerde marketinggegevens. Misschien moet u enkel feedback te vangen? Of misschien is het inrichten van een poll. Met ons systeem, you may have targeted marketing-content delivered to your website visitors regardless of the page they visit.

Exit Conversie is een software applicatie service abonnement qui is eenvoudig te installeren en te configureren. Het beste van alles, kunt u een WYSIWYG-editor gebruiken om het toevoegen van uw gegevens qui betekent Geen gedoe met code. De gegevens kunnen worden geleverd uit een verscheidenheid of bronnen, waaronder YouTubeOm setup gemakkelijk te maken, we-moeten klaar om Veel modules en plugins gaan voor een verscheidenheid van platforms en frameworks en de lijst wordt voortdurend uitgebreid.

Onze software-diensten kennen aussi hebben een Bounce Stopper out-Voert alle Concurrents. Net als Exit Grabber grijpt onze aandacht op de toepassing van de bezoekers Zij bepaalden wanneer het kan worden verlaten van de website. en de lijst wordt voortdurend uitgebreid, maakt een eenvoudige wijziging en actualisering van de HTML gebruikt blij dat bijvoorbeeld binnen uw app, ingezonden door bezoekers te vangen gegevens en het beste van alles, gebruikt slechts een kleine footprint code.

Exit Conversien (Soms ook wel Verlopen Uitreiscontrole Omdat Het controleert exits pagina) potentiële bekeerlingen in pageviews alternatieve uitgangen website, en geeft u de extra mogelijkheden van het leiden van uw bezoekers rechtstreeks naar speciale aanbiedingen of promoties Ze Kan Anders qui-gemist hebben. Het is niet ongewoon voor bezoekers van de website naar een website te verlaten omdat de pagina Zij geland er-zijn doet niet wat ze zijn op zoek naar. Zelfs de beste landing pages kan verlaten bezoekers het gevoel alsof ze Gevolgd de verkeerde zoekresultaat koppeling.

Door het gebruik van ons systeem Exit Grabber kunt u de aandacht van bezoekers te vangen met een onopvallende popup qui niet breekt Elke geaccepteerd webgebruik beleid. Exit Conversie code is 100% web-vriendelijk en het is zeer intuïtief in gebruik ICT, ICT In tegenstelling tot de primaire concurrent. Ons systeem detecteert en slaat uw eerdere activiteiten en bezoekers verdwijnt naar de achtergrond Als de bezoekers interacties-hebben-aanvaard. In --andere woorden ict zal nooit een vervelende aanvulling op uw website, zoals de concurrentie.

Klik hier om nu te melden!

Exit Conversie kan uw web-based bedrijf geven de volgende voordelen en uitgebreide functionaliteit:

  • Verlaag uw websites stuiteren classificatie door het vastleggen van de aandacht van de bezoekers die mogelijk op het punt om de pagina te sluiten als goud in een nieuwe URL.
  • Capture contactgegevens van de bezoekers te helpen bij uw secundaire marketingstrategie.
  • Market promotiemateriaal en speciale aanbiedingen rechtstreeks naar bezoekers voordat ze vertrekken uw website.
  • Verhoog uw websites zakelijke potentieel door het houden van de bezoekers die geïnteresseerd zijn.
  • Geef totale controle om het bedrijf eigenaar van een enkele marketing tool en Krachtig.
  • Verhoog uw omzet potentieel en marktaandeel.
  • De mogelijkheid om zijn eindeloze marketing, en The Daarom is deze lijst kan gaan en op.
  • Vastleggen terugkoppeling voordat een bezoeker verlaat uw website.
  • Poll uw bezoekers te helpen verbeteren van uw Online Business.
  • Bezoekers toe te voegen in wedstrijden of prijstrekkingen.
  • Als je het nodig hebt, kunnen we opnemen, en zijn allemaal beheerd From Within goed gedocumenteerd administratieve gebieden.

Door het gebruik van één van onze abonnementsdiensten software kunt u verlaagt je stuiteren waardering websites en door het gebruik van Exit Conversion je alle bezoekers om te zetten in vuile gouden doel marketing, vandaag en voor altijd meer.

Exit Conversie geeft u totale controle, met 3 verschillende types van de rekening aan de macht in je handen. Probeer onze Bounce Controller-software gratis, u en wanneer de voordelen te zien, zult u ongetwijfeld willen upgraden naar een van de twee betaalde abonnementsvorm. De abonnementsdienst is maandelijks en automatisch defaults terug naar de 'gratis versie' shoulds uw betaalde abonnement drooglopen. Fait que manier waarop uw website is nooit zonder dat ten minste de minimumuitkering beschikbaar door het gebruik van onze exit-controller software.

Klik hier om nu te melden!

Niet overtuigd, zie de software in actie door het bewegen van de cursor naar de bovenkant van het scherm. Deze website maakt gebruik van onze software en HAS icts sinds het begin. Probeer het uit - laat ons uw gegevens en wij sturen u een kopie van onze websites statistieken Inclusief onze bounce-rating statistieken zoals berekend door Google. Bekijk de wedstrijd - we zijn veilig je terug aan te melden.

Onze Software Service heeft momenteel 4 smaken.

  • Gratis: Beperkt tot een segment van HTML qui u genereert met onze WYSIWYG-editor en is beperkt tot tekst en of gelukkig van uw websites domeinnaam - kan worden gebruikt op elke of alle pagina's op uw website - vastgelegde gegevens (e-mail en of mobiel) kunnen alleen worden opgeslagen binnen ons systeem
  • Privaat: Hetzelfde als hierboven, en voegt de mogelijkheid van het weergeven van externe blij --andere domeinen (YouTube link) - vastgelegde gegevens kunnen worden doorgestuurd naar pagina's of scripts Binnen uw websites domeinnaam - Maakt de 'Secundaire Heading en inhoud' dans le kant bijvoorbeeld om een variatie toe weergegeven in de HTML-selon eisen gesteld in de configuratie (alternatieve activering pagina of tweede dubbele gouden happy uit alternatieve bronnen)
  • Bedrijf: Hetzelfde als hierboven, en voegt de mogelijkheid om meerdere versies van de app te creëren om verschillende exit plan voor de afzonderlijke pagina's met uw website mogelijk te maken. Deze versie van elke pagina Binnen Maakt uw website Krachtige marketing tool en heeft de volledige bounce-Biedt meeste bescherming beschikbaar op het web.
  • Vennootschap: Al het bovenstaande, ECHTER breidt uw capaciteit om tot 10 apikey voor individuele Domain management. Dit niveau is gelijk aan 10x Bedrijvengids abonnement. Best geschikt voor personen of bedrijven die voorzien IT gelukkig en of Marketing management services voor meerdere klanten. Deze service basis HAS starter niveau met flexibiliteit voor uitbreiding naar een groter klantenbestand te beheren.
  • Binnenkort: Re Verkoper Rekening...

Alle versies van onze Bounce Prevention Software Service bieden hetzelfde niveau van bounce-rate reductie, doel, als je omhoog gaat in het abonnement level marketing potentieel exponentieel toeneemt, en dat door middel van uw wereldwijde bounce-rating is ingesteld om te duiken.

Klik hier om nu te melden!

Vergeet niet, grote ict om te begrijpen dat onze implementatie is een Software Subscription Service-applicatie gedreven door externe API (Application programmeren-interface). Het is niet enkel Sommige JavaScript die u-moet-code toe te voegen in uw websites. Het gaat worden van de website bezoeker Grabber Dat stopt alle website Exits! Uw bounce-rate zal stuiteren in de geschiedenis nooit meer gezien worden.


Full Questionnaire / Ratings Style Standalone Feedback Form Sample

This page is linked to an instance of our Exit Controlling software which will generate a Full Q&A Style Feedback Form. These full-featured Feedback Forms can only be setup as a Stand Alone item. In stand-alone mode all feedback forms will use the 'default Heading and default Text Content' sections which are usually used for the Pop-Up data.

Click here to trigger this Pop-Up instantly.

Standalone feedback-forms can be a simple/basic or a full questionnaire type. To use this type of Full-Questionnaire type of feedback-form you must have a paid-subscription (either Private or Business). Free subscriptions are limited to the Simple/Basic feedback-forms which can be used as stand-alone or additional type.

Click here to sign up now!

Only Simple Feedback forms can be 'added' to your standard Pop-Up data,and will be placed as the last item within the Pop-Up. The Full/Questionnaire type of form can only be used as stand-alone (by itself) and also requires one of the paid subscriptions to be active.

Data submitted by feedback forms (and the contact stub) is stored in your account and is always available for you to access, regardless of subscription type. If you have a paid subscription which lapses into a free version you will still be able to access all of your saved feedback and contact submissions.

Click here to sign up now!



Welcome to the Secondary Content Specified Page Sample

This page will trigger an instance of the application which will display the secondary-content on a specified page, which is this page.

Click here to trigger this Pop-Up instantly.

We have used our About-Us page as the primary (Targeted URL) for this instance and used this page as the 'Specified Page' for the activation / display of the secondary-content block.

Register to use our Application...

Using a 'Specified Page' for the secondary-content allows you to split the content block between different pages on your website. One Pop-Up instance can be used to supply marketing data to at least two pages. In each case you can also have the 'Additional Feedback' form activated which you can also see being used on this instance.

Every instance or this application which is not a 'Dedicated Feedback' form will have the 'Quick Contact Capture' form and will also display the Quick-Links on the left-hand side. The quick-links can be pulled (harvested) from any page on your website, and our code uses the Homepage by default. When a particular page is used to harvest links the indicated page is used for all 3 tools that search your site for links..

Register to use our Application...

The application available here at Exit Conversion is unlike any other. In time we will be adding further distributed tools that will enhance our software-service even further. As we have mentioned before, the potential usage for our application is endless. We are even open to invitations from customers with ideas to enhance our systems to better suit their needs.

Simple Standalone Feedback Form Sample

This page is linked to an instance of our Exit Controlling software which will generate a Simple Feedback Form. Feedback Forms can be generated as a Stand Alone item or they can be blended in with a larger amount of marketing data. In stand-alone mode this simple-form will use the 'default Heading and default Text Content' sections which are always available for use in the full-content mode Pop-Up data.

Click here to trigger this Pop-Up instantly.

Standalone feedback-forms can be a simple/basic or a full questionnaire type. To use the Full-Questionnaire type of feedback-form you must have a paid-subscription (either Private or Business). Free subscriptions are limited to the Simple/Basic feedback-forms which can be used as stand-alone or as additional content type.

Click here to sign up now!

Feedback forms can be 'added' to you standard Pop-Up data, however only the Simple/Basic can be used in this scenario. The Full/Questionnaire type of form can only be used as stand-alone (by itself) and also requires a paid subscription.

Data submitted by feedback forms (and the contact stub) is stored in your account and is always available for you to access, regardless of subscription type. If you have a paid subscription which lapses into a free version you will still be able to access all of your saved feedback and contact submissions.

Click here to sign up now!



Exit Conversion Sample Links

Welcome Visitor to our Sample and Demonstration area. This page and other pages linked within this category demonstrate some 'variations of the theme' available when using our subscription Software-Service.

Click here to trigger this page's Pop-Up instantly. Each sample page contains this 'Instant launch' button which enables instant access to the Pop-Up. This optional functionality can be used on any page within your site by using onclick="exitConv.showBox()" code on any HTML element.

Each page demonstrates a different way you can use our software-application. Each page also uses the method required to link an instance of this software to a particular URL.

Click here to sign up now!

Its also demonstrates our subscription-services ability to become a powerful marketing tool allowing individualised and targeted extended web data to be shown on individual pages within your website.

This pages show the 'Dual Content' version available for the paid Private and Business subscriptions...

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Subscription Support

Subscription Types

There are currently three (4) different types of accounts (Software Subscriptions) available here at Exit Conversion.

  • Free: Limited to one segment of HTML which you generate with our WYSIWYG editor and is restricted to text and or images, and content may only be pulled from your websites domain - can be used on any single page or on all pages on your website - captured data (Email and or Mobile) can only be stored within our system.

    Cost: Free monthly access - automatic renewal - limited to one instance per domain/host and one per user account

  • Private: Same as above, and adds the capability of displaying external content from other domains (links to YouTube) - captured data can be redirected to pages or scripts within your websites domain - enables the 'Secondary Heading and Content' within the Pop-Up instance to allow a variation in the displayed HTML according to conditions set in the configuration ('alternative page' enables a split content variation or 'secondary activation' changes between content on page loads and 'extended content' extends the Pop-Up content with two segments of data). Also enables to Full Q&A Feedback form capability.

    Cost: Pre-paid subscription - $8 AU per month - $85 AUD per yearly subscriptions

  • Business: Same as above, and adds the ability to create multiple versions of the application to enable different exit plans for individual pages with your website. This version makes every page within your website a powerful marketing tool and provides the most complete bounce-protection available on the web. You can customise the Pop-Up content for every page on your website without limitation. Create a 'default Pop-Up' which show on all pages, then create individualised Pop-Up's for other pages according to their content and you can include an instance of the Full Questionnaire type of Feedback form.

    Cost: Pre-paid subscription - $30 AU per month - $315 AUD per yearly subscriptions

  • Enterprise: Same as above, and adds the capability to create Business level API's for up to 10 separate domains. This is equivalent to having 10 Business Subscriptions. Suitable for individuals that directly manage website data and or marketing for multiple businesses.

    Cost: Pre-paid subscription - $175 AU per month - $1850 AUD per yearly subscriptions

  • Reseller: Coming Soon! Ability to resell this service directly to other users. Your clients then have their own login/account and initial support is managed by the reseller. All the previously mentioned accounts are limited to 1 log-in per account.

All 'paid subscriptions' require you to initialise the subscription payment method during the initial setup. We currently use 'Paypal' to manage our payments however we can also make arrangements for direct bank deposit if you so desire. All payments are invoiced according to the requirements of your individual country. (ie: for Australia inc. GST)

Subscribers wishing to pay by Business Cheque must contact us in advance to request our mailing-address, however, subscriptions paid by cheque will not be activated until clearance has been confirmed.

Subscribers wishing to use any method of payment other than PayPal 'must' complete all the account details (form fields) when registering their account.

Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use pages for more details.

dinsdag, 14 april 2015 15:26

Registration Support

Welcome to our Support Section

Our support area is divided in several sub-sections or sub-categories. This top-level section describes the requirements for getting started and registering your Exit Conversion account.

The firs step or requirement is that you register here to create an account to access our Subscription Software Service. To complete the registration you 'must' complete the Activation Process. Until your account is activated you will 'not' be able to log-in.

After activating your account you will be able to log-in to the website, upon logging in you can then proceed to the /exitconv-admin area. (you may be automatically redirected there or you can click the link in the User Menu). The 'admin section' is only available to 'registered users'. Upon accessing the 'Software-Section' you will need to select the type of account you want to setup. If you are setting up a 'paid-subscription-account' the first step will be to setup your subscription-payment information and start your subscription. Once you have selected your account type and finished any subscription requirement you may then begin the initial setup process.

The 'Free' subscription does not require you to enter any payment information - We currently use PayPal as our primary method of collecting payments for the Private and Business level subscription only..

Click Here For Installation Process Support

Due to the zealous actions of some spam filters the activation email sent from the server may end up in your junk mail - If it seems to be taking a long time for the activation-confirmation email to arrive, please check your junk-mailbox.

If you encounter any problem whilst trying to register your account please don't hesitate to contact us via the primary contact page. You can also check the FAQ section to see if its a common problem that you have encountered.

Once you are registered and have selected you subscription type the system will automatically prompt you to complete the setup of your first instance of the Pop-Up. This process runs through several stages with the final stage being the actual insertion of your data for the Marketing Pop-Up. Once completed you will be able to edit any of the Pop-Up instance at anytime, however the selection you make for the domain/hostname and the subscription type cannot be altered after the initial setup. You will be asked to confirm both of these choices before continuing. Our system will also confirm the existence of the entered domain hostname.

During the setup process and the population of your pop-up data you should use the Tool-tips which are embedded into the Headings and Titles of the various form fields.


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